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Mandibular Denture Retention With Mini Implants

Increasing Retention Of A Mandibular Denture With Mini Implants

Over the years this patient has lost bone support and has problems with retention of her lower denture. 

After the areas to receive the implants have been numbed with a local injection.  A small pilot hole is made and then the implants are screwed into position.  In most cases no incisions or sutures have to be used. 

After the implants have been positioned the retentive housings  which will give the denture its added retention are placed on to each of the implants.  

The patient’s denture is then modified so that it can be placed back in the mouth over the retentive housings.  Once the bite has been checked the denture is removed and the areas where it has been modified are filled with a liquid acrylic. 

The liquid acrylic which will adhere to the denture is then set with a special light.  The denture is then removed from the mouth and polished after which a placement X-ray is taken.  

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